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Their name says it all doesn’t it? Basic info – Two Muslim comedians from Melbourne tackling issues of race. Not so basic info – You may have seen Nazeem Hussain on ABC’s Salaam Café which mysteriously went off air after one season. The public tends to prefer him (Overheard after their Sydney show: “That first guy was way better” says one white guy with a mullet, I kid you not, to another) in the duo because of his fast-talking ways and spot-on Indian accent. Aamer Rahman takes on more complex and political topics which may not go down as well with a beer drenched crowd but he is an essential player in this comedy double. I will leave you with one my favourite lines from Rahman: “Just because I am at the petrol station, it doesn’t mean I work there”. Booya!

The boys are done with their shows in Oz and are off to Singapore to meet with a comedy pimp.



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