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Kitty is a lot more cautious about what she says than she appears. While she jokes around like a friend with certain questions, she also just as easily draws the line with succinct answers that say “move on” when need be. The comedian who started out doing sketch shows here on Full Frontal and in the UK on The Sketch Show is now a regular presenter of “99% fact free humour” on The 7pm Project. Her stand-up show Charming & Alarming returns to say one last good bye after debuting at the Sydney Opera House last year before it toured the country. Here are the highlights of my chat with the intelligent, funny and big-haired comic goddess.

Tell us something about The 7pm Project panel we don’t know.

I can tell you something I don’t know either. I don’t know why Charlie Pickering is doing that to his hair.

What’s the strangest thing a fan has done for you?

I don’t have fans as such. But that’s very kind of you. Besides, I wear so much make-up on The 7pm Project, people probably think: “oh that looks like quite an ugly version of that woman on television”.

What are your thoughts on Catherine Deveny’s dismissal from The Age after the Twitter-Logie incident?

I’m not on Twitter and I don’t really have an opinion.

Is the industry harder for women to break into?

I don’t think the industry is harder for women to break into. I know that’s what most people say and probably think but there are not that many women in the industry so you tend to get noticed a lot faster. There are obviously elements to the job, like when you walk out on stage and people immediately assume women aren’t funny. You have to quickly prove that you are. When a man walks on stage, people will actually assume that he is funny. When you are funny, they are very happy for you. They come up and compliment you: “oh we hate women but you were good!” Most of the female comedians I know have had that.

You’ve done television, stand-up, copywriting and film. Is there anything you won’t do?

Oh god you make me sound like a whore there Komi. Yea! I do have standards, you know.

13 – 21 Aug. The Playhouse Theatre, Sydney Opera House. $34.90-$44.90. 9250 7777 or

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