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This could easily end up being the subject of the feature story on A Current Affair: “Terrorists in your neighbourhood! Suicide bombing, not a joke.” Or can it be? The plot in a line – four Muslim men in Britain plotting a terrorist mission. Not that simple is the genre this film falls under, comedy. A satire to be more precise. Director Chris Morris was inspired by the sheer stupidity behind the mundane details that occur at jihadis training camps like shooting each other’s feet off and martyrdom video bloopers. Although it wasn’t spelled out, there were parallels drawn between jihadis and the American military culture. Put a group of young, testosterone fuelled blokes together, feed them ideas and watch them take off. Imagine watching a reverse Fox News and you get Four Lions. The eventual weapon of choice here is not a bomb, it’s blatant ignorance. And the victims are always innocent and one too many. When I first started on a review for this film, I wanted to take it apart and write a three-pager on it but I was faced with space restrictions. So, I wrote a longer commentary style piece on it that the National Times has published. Click on the image below for the full version.

The Sydney Morning Herald

In cinemas 19 Aug 2010


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