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Monthly Archives: September 2010

I told a very drunk friend at a pub about this art exhibition of jelly sculptures and he very profoundly said: “jelly is awesome.” As I write this in a sober state, I can’t help but agree with him. Jelly IS awesome and an entire exhibition of it will be Alice in Wonderland awesome! Jelly was used to preserve savoury dishes and as decoration in the 19th century. Inspired by this, Sydney artist Janet Tavener (pictured) used copper moulds from that era to create 20 sculptures that will be displayed at the historic Vaucluse House. So the next time you have an interior design dilemma, think jelly.

Until 30 Oct. Vaucluse House, Wentworth Road. Vaucluse. $-$17. Fri to Sun.  9.30am-4pm. 9388 7922,


Everyone has a dream job. Mine would have been being Oscar Wilde’s fag hag. Imagine all the parties and talking behind people’s back. We’d put the claw clan from The Hills to shame. The man who said at an airport that he had nothing to declare except his genius lives on through his witticisms. And he does just that in his mad play of double lives, love, societal double standards and irreverence. The Importance of Being Earnest will once again entertain. Directed by Nicholas Papademetriou, audience can expect a modern take of the classic. Papademetriou says: “the production will be sexy and refreshing, the tone will be wicked, and the wit will, of course, be Wilde”.

Trailer for the film from 2002

7 Oct – 7 Nov. Darlinghurst Theatre. 19 Greenknowe Ave, Potts Point. $27-$37. 8356 9987,

Some say it’s Rear Window and others claim it’s North by Northwest but to me, Rope will always be the best Alfred Hitchcock film. Suspense, drama, moral dilemma – all set in the claustrophobia of one room, so you can see why Rope was initially a play by Patrick Hamilton which was later adapted to screen by the penguin man himself. This Sydney version by Bump In Productions and Willoughby City Council is the first in a line of plays in the Zenith Murder Mystery Series. And what a way to kick start a season of blood. Ladies and gentlemen. dinner is served but will the guests find out what’s under the buffet?

7 – 16 Oct. Zenith Theatre. Cnr Railway and McIntosh Streets, Chatswood. $26.50-$29. 9777 7547,

In its inaugural year in 2009, the Festival of Dangerous Ideas sold out a majority of its talks and lectures in record time, proof that Sydney loves a brush with danger, done in style at the iconic opera house of course. This year’s program looks a little same-same with repeat speakers and similar subject matters. Having said that, there aren’t too many festivals like this on such a grand scale so enjoy your weekend sharing ideas with mates and family. Hop on to Stuff White People Like with Christian Lander (pictured) and Julian Morrow if you like to be entertained or get your arts fix with journo David Marr, arts activist Marcus Westbury and another Chaser boy Chris Taylor at What’s So Special About Opera and the best yet – hear the rants, raves and ideas flow at the soapbox session.

2 & 3 Oct. Sydney Opera House. 9250 7777,

After the successful season of zombie western Quack, The Griffin Theatre website claims to have gone from quack to coo. Silly puns on animal sounds aside, The Pigeons is penned by one of Germany’s up and coming young playwrights David Gieselmann (Mr Kolpert), translated by the Royal Court’s Maja Zade and directed in Sydney by young director Sarah Giles. I went to see the opening night performance and it was brilliant. It is a very short play (about an hour) but was every bit entertaining. Expect madness, great ping-pong dialogue and lots of laughs. And it all starts with one man’s determination to disappear without a trace.

Also, check out the website below for some fantastic 2011 season ticket offers.

6 – 30 Oct. SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod St, Kings Cross. $15-$26. 8002 4772,

Click on the image above to view the very cool program booklet.

Artistic Directors Andrew Upton and Cate Blanchett announced Sydney Theatre Company‘s 2011 Main Stage Season today.  Productions will be shown at  The Wharf and Drama Theatre at the Sydney Opera House.

Did someone say awkward teenager? Well he’s not exactly a teen anymore. Josh Thomas is all of 23 and already a multi-award winning comedian. The regular face of Talkin’ Bout Your Generation also frequently appears on other popular television shows like Good News Week and The 7pm Project. His latest stand-up tour Surprise is named that because it came as a surprise to him that his first real relationship was with a guy. Josh is as intriguing as he is funny, although I reckon he’d be going bald very soon if he continues his nervous hair pulling. His latest gig will sell out faster than you can say strange accent, so get your hands on these hot tickets now.

Josh Thomas on Rove two years ago

Until 2 Oct. Playhouse, Sydney Opera House. $32.90-$39.90. 9250 1777,

If you live and breathe, eat and read, make and bake, think and dream food, you’d be happy to know that the month-long foodie fest, Crave is back. While the celebrity chefs are usually the major draw cards in these events, I recommend getting your hands on the amazing offers. Always wanted to dine at some of the best restaurants in Sydney but daily expenses always seem to creep up on you? Do a $35 lunch, $25 brunch or cocktail and canapé for $20 at leading Sydney bars and restaurants. And my favourite, the outdoor Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park. Noodles under the stars? Dreams do come true.

1 – 31 Oct. Various Locations.

Despite all my rage, I’m still just a…? If you completed the last line without even thinking about it, you need to be at this concert. Sure it isn’t the exact same band that entertained us at all through the 90s but those songs are classic and here’s your chance to sing them out loud. Tickets go on sale midday 16 September.

16 Oct. Big Top, Luna Park., 1300 BIG TOP (244 867),, 132 849

My Fav Video Clip

It may be the case that we don’t pick up the phone to have a real conversation anymore but boy do we communicate. We’ve made a verb of Facebook, Twitter and text. So much said yet nothing said at all.  If going without some kind of a social media communication tool is a challenge for you, why not shake things up proper and attend a silent dinner party? You get all the best things about a dinner party – a fabulous three-course meal and wine minus the small talk. Well, it’s a little more than that. You do not use words or your voice. There is no reading or writing and stick with it for at least two hours. I foresee a serious case of the giggles. Or more profoundly put by a former guest: “I encourage others to join a silent dinner party simply to exercise the free will to say “I choose” to interact with others even if there are difficulties or misunderstandings”.

16 – 24 Sep. Private Houses around the Inner West. $30. Email, 0413 375 619,