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I’ve thought about this and you know what? I’d pay twice as much to watch Robin Williams just sleep. Yes, I’d pay to watch him not make a sound. Love or hate him, he is a comic legend. I can’t recall any other living (I am thinking of the late Peter Sellers here of course) talent who imitate as many voices as he does and magically turns every possible situation into an improvisional comedic opportunity. Did you know he improvised almost every radio broadcast in Good Morning Vietnam? And his latest film, World’s Greatest Dad is proof Williams is as much an actor as he is an insane comedian. Tickets to Weapons is quickly selling out, so get your hands on these hot tickets now. Shut up those of you who saw Williams’ impromptu (surprise, surprise) performance at the Sugarmill earlier this year for just $10!

RW on Parkinson – You’ll want to watch Part 2, trust me.

Trailer for World’s Greatest Dad – Highly Recommended

11, 12, 14, 16 Nov. Sydney Entertainment Centre, 35 Harbour St, Darling Harbour. $122.44 to $199.90. 1300 883 622,


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