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One of my fav Banksy pieces.

This film is as much about Banksy as it is about the bizarre character Mr Brainwash. Absolutely brilliant, and proof that you can sell anything to Americans (no offense)  if marketed properly. The special features are gold. See trailer below, although it’s a little cryptic:


If you know me, you’ll know that I love quirky films and this ticks every box. It’s funny, strange at times and thoroughly entertaining. And I am so glad, Andy Garcia is back, in full force! There’s a little crew get together in the extras, not a bad watch. And may I just add that Julianna Margulies gets hotter with age. She was after all George Cloony’s crush in ER aeons ago.


There have been a few shockers in this category of late, but this one is not bad. Might have something to do with the hot Irish and Welsh accents. There are still loads of cheesy elements, like the fact that every Hollywood studio thinks there’s something hilarious about a chick in a super successful job wearing high heels in an unlikely situation, like getting them stuck in mud, sand, grass – you get the picture. Seriously! Oh yes, the lead Matthew Goode is just gorgeous. He recently played Collin Firth’s lover in A Single Man. This is strictly for the ladies, so don’t be disgusting and force your boyfriends to watch it.






  1. Great section. Short and sweet reviews that offer an honest summary along with the trailers. I wnat to see all 3 of these films.

  2. Thanks Chicky! Glad to share, I do watch way too many movies after all =)

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