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I’m in love with Gabriel Byrne. And so are some of his patients. This is an excellent drama filled with suspense. What I love about it is that the setup is so simple, the actors and writers can truly shine. One therapist, one patient in one room per week. One word, brilliant. I just finished watching season 2 and it’s an addiction I’m seeing a therapist for. Please do not watch a trailer for this! Huge spoiler alert!


World's Greatest Dad

Black comedy at it’s best. Does it feel strange when we praise a dead person just because, well he’s dead? The Chaser boys try to bring up this issue in one of their skits but it was painful to watch simply because it is true. We glorify the dead despite who they were. WGD highlights this in an original and clever comedy that I suggest you do not watch with your parents. Highly recommended.

The Chasers War on the Dead


I watched this because I was bored and needed something easy. Yes, I hate people who say that but I admit I do it to. And it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I warn you this is no celluloid masterpiece but it was moving. Why is it that as adults we feel more lost then we’ve ever felt and yet we do everything we can to keep secrets from the original protectors, our parents? Starring a very charistmatic Robert De Niro.

P.S. Ok, so I get that Kate Beckinsale is hot but is everyone blind to the fact that she can’t act! Phew, now that that’s done with. Here’s the trailer.

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