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Paul Capsis stars in this one-man show about a woman who leaves Malta in 1948 and makes her way to Surry Hills, Sydney and her grandson who goes to Malta to discover his past. Angela’s Kicthen is based on the actor’s personal story and there are some beautiful memories told in such vivid detail that you feel transported to another time and place. Unfortunately, this seems to be the same reason the play wasn’t as powerful as it had the potential to be. There was way too much narration that with an exception of one very clever family tree sequence that was projected on the walls, I could have closed my eyes and not missed a thing. The play reads well but its execution on stage was lacking.

Doing a one-man show in front of a packed theatre is hard enough but doing it well in such an interlaced story is a mission. I do wish there was a dream sequence, Precious style, where Capsis could have lashed out in song with his amazing voice. While Capsis, who is best known for his multi-award winning cabaret roles, had little difficulty transforming into his melodramatic characters whom he knew personally of course, storytelling is not his strength. Having said that, I want to add that my partner said this was probably the best production he’s seen all year.

Until 18 Dec. SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod St, Kings Cross. $15-$45. 8002 4772,


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