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Who knew Vince Chase, I mean Adrian Grenier of Entourage was more than just a pretty face. Grenier shed his celebrity to produce and direct Teenage Paparazzo, a doco about a 14-year-old pap, Austin. Art is imitating life in Grenier’s real life and he turns the camera on a fascinating teenager to understand the world of paparrazi. The doco reveals more about the culture of celebrity worship than paparrazi itself but is captivating simply because the teller of the story (Grenier) is honest and delivers his thoughts in measured stream of consciousness without purple prose.

At one stage, when it is evident that Austin is getting caught up in celebrity himself and Grenier’s friendship with the boy has fueled this, an interviewee (media expert) asks Grenier who is very skeptical about celebrity-dom, “Why are you contributing to something you don’t think is very good?” To which Grenier simply says, “I fucked up”.

This film is as reveling about Grenier as it is about Hollywood. Ironically, I feel like this doco will be picked up by the celebrity obsessed for a voyeuristic look into Grenier’s and his celeb friends’ lives. The DVD does have his name plastered on the cover after all.


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