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The highlight of 2010 for me was when Kevin Rudd told reporters, “Having said all that folks, we’ve gotta zip”. This came after his emotional speech made at the press conference that officially marked in the public’s view, the end of his stint as PM. I always knew he was a cool cat and look what’s happened since then. He went for hero to zero to superhero. The cool cat that bounced back. Meow JLard. Like me, some of Sydney’s hottest comedians have had a highlight or two in 2010 that they’d like to share with you. From politics to the Australia’s Next Top Lame Gimmick, join the comedy class of 2010 in this politically incorrect panel discussion, flying shoes not included. Graduates include Mikey Robins, Peter Berner, Pete Rowsthorn, Jeff Green, Hannah Gadsby, Rod Quantock, Paul McCarthy, Flacco, the Sandman (pictured), Clayton Doley’s Organ Donors and many more.

Dec 29 & 30. Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House. $89-$110. 9250 7777,,


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