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Let’s play word association. I say ice and you think cream? I say cold and you think beer? I say glass and you think art? Perhaps art is not the first word that pops into your head. Ok, I’ll stop assuming what’s going on in your head and just tell you that Glimpse is a glass exhibition which explores the work of five female artists (Kate Baker, Annette Blair, Alexandra Chambers, Deirdre Feeney, Harriet Schwarzrock) working in the medium of glass today. This is, however, “not a feminist exhibition, nor a women’s exhibition” says curator Susan Benjamin. It is a display of the high quality of work each of these women show in their specialised craft. Each entry a piece of technical art to be marveled at and each entry evokes unexpected, nostalgic emotions in its viewers. Really, the way art should be if you ask me. So if I say Glimpse, you think, this weekend?

Jan 21 – Feb 5. Chalkhorse Gallery, 94 Cooper St, Surry Hills, 92118999,


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