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In the style of Art Gallery New South Wales’ Art After Hour, the Australian Museum is bringing you art, live music, film and talks all through summer with Jurassic Lounge. An initiative by the people who bring you the annual Canadian Film Festival, The Festivalists. Enjoy a little culture after hours every Tuesday till the end of February. So instead of watching a film like, I don’t know Valentine’s Day this Valentine’s Day, bring your partner to a discover the truth behind love, lust and the science behind attraction. It could be the way someone’s face is stretched to the limits after a botox overload or the way they say “like” after every three words, love is inexplicable. What? I’ve been Keeping up with the Kardasians. On a serious note though, sexologist Dr Patricia Weerakoon from Sydney University will talk about everything from the way you lose your ability to form sentences around the luster to the scientific secrets behind everlasting love.

Feb 8, Australian Museum, 70 Riley St, East Sydney, $20-$30, 9320 6225,


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