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Comedy is sticking its nose up in the air with Wit Large (Smart Comedy for Smart People). And why shouldn’t it? We highly encourage it throw its palm out and say, “talk to the hand” if it wants to if anyone disagrees to this high brow comedy experience. Surrounded by books, Gleebooks will host eleven shows this year where local and international comedians tickle your funny bone in between light bulb moments. A little less Tom Green and a lot more Bill Hicks. Kicking off the year, City Hub’s very own cartoonist and host of ABC’s Einstein Factor will take the stage with the topic ‘Self Improvement. Join Berner, Andrew McClelland, Jennifer Wong with award-winning comedy writer (Good News Week, The Glass House) Dave Bloustien (pictured) as host for an evening of drinks, books and laughs. Comedy goes Laa Dee Da and we approve!

Feb 5, Upstairs @ Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, $12-15, 9660 2333,


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