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Comedian Matt Iseman is 190cm tall, a trained doctor and is the host of a home makeover show in the States. So the man can fix anything around the house, save your life and make you laugh while he’s at it. Ladies, we speak to the man who seems a tad too good to be true.

For Aussies who don’t know you, can you tell us a little about yourself? I used to be a doctor.  Now I tell jokes.  I am the go-to guy on Clean House (television show on Style Network) which means I’m good with a hammer.  I host Sports Soup and American Ninja Warrior which means I love sports and ninjas.  I am an all-American guy who loves his friends and family and thinks classical music is the hair metal bands of the 80s.  I could eat breakfast three meals a day, especially because it’s the easiest to make.  I am pretty much a guy who is looking to enjoy life to its fullest.

You chose comedy over a medical career but is there anything you miss about being a doctor? I miss better parking and being able to give people drugs to make sure they laugh at everything I say.  Other than that, I really haven’t ever looked back.  Sure, I’m not saving lives now, but I love going to work.  And I rarely get sued anymore.



You seem to have had many different jobs. Which was the worst? I worked at Taco Bell for one day.  Then I found out what they put in the tacos.  Considering I had eaten there almost every day in high school, that was a rough job.


What are you looking forward to seeing/doing in Australia? I’m not sure if boxing a kangaroo is legal anymore, so I guess I’m just looking forward to meeting the people. Everyone I meet from Australia seems to be friendly, easy going and capable of drinking enough beer to get a blue whale drunk, so I want to meet them on their home turf and experience the world the way they do.

Mar 24 – 26, The Laugh Garage Comedy Club, cnr Elizabeth and Park Sts, CBD, $15-25, 9264 1161,

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