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I’d like to think I have the power to predict the stars of tomorrow. Seriously. Case #1 Jennifer Love Hewitt when she was a wee little girl in Party of Five with big… erm talent. Case #2: Jessica Biel as a tomboy in Seventh Heaven. I knew they’d be big. Call me, Ari Gold. This time, I’ve got my money on Kristen Wiig. I’m a huge fan of hers from Saturday Night Live. This girl is hilarious. And she’s been trying to make the transition to the big screen where her full potential has never and probably will never be realised. Case in point – I Love You Man, where she played a small, forgettable role as the protagonist’s girlfriend, the kind of roles she’d been stuck with if not for Paul.  She plays a staunch Christian who becomes a Darwin believer thanks to Paul (voiced by Seth Rogan) the alien.

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost above, Kristen Wigg below as Bjork on SNL

Along for the ride are the usual suspects, best friends in real life Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz). Two British guys go to America for the Comic-Con convention and then take a road trip see all important extraterrestrial sites. They run into Paul who is running away from the government to get back “home”. I am so happy to say that this movie unlike so many others, has a trailer that does not do it justice – probably because Wiig is not in it. There are plenty of sci-fi movie references to keep event the nerdiest entertained. This is no Superbad (this film is directed by the same guy, Greg Mottola) in big, aching laughs but it is consistent, satisfying and predictable in a good way. Also, you don’t want to miss Sigourney Weaver getting punched in the face by Blythe Danner and Simon Pegg!

In cinemas Apr 14.



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