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After 21 years together, John Chaplin-Fleming and Rusty Berther have had Enough Already. So it seemed only right to name their farewell show exactly that. We catch up with John, one half of the musical comedy duo before they sing their big goodbye on stage at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

Why say goodbye now? If we stay together any longer, Rusty gets half my assets and anyway, he’s like the movie Sex and the City 2… Something I never want to see ever again.

If comedians can make music, should musicians make jokes? Not always! Kurt Cobain was a notoriously bad stand-up comic. We’ve been practicing for 20 years, so we hope to do better.

There are a lot more musical comedy acts in the local scene than there were when you guys formed in 1990. Do you think you may have led the way for this genre of comedians? We see ourselves as a link in a long chain of music comedy acts. But perhaps we can lay claim to having inspired some of the acts around today. All the good ones.

Any favourites? Oh no it’s like picking a favorite child. No one will admit they have one but everyone does.

What, right now, have you had enough of already? Late nights at the Adelaide Fringe, waiting for aeroplanes, resetting my watch by half an hour.

What’s the plan after your farewell show? Cup of tea, quick lie down, world conquest.

What did you believe in 1990 you wish you could still believed in today? That my parents could bail me out of any financial difficulty I might get into. Everything else, I still believe in.

Apr 17, Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Road, Newtown, $34-$39, 9550 3666,


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