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Cracker Night (CN) kicked off the Sydney Comedy Festival (SCF) proper on Monday, April 14. Cracker Night features ten-minute quickfire stand-up performances by comedians doing full shows at SCF. My partner Dave and I went to the CN at Metro Theatre. The show only started at 8.30pm so we went to a Korean restaurant in the city. A spicy hangover pork rib soup, grilled eel and a few sips of potent soju later, we were ready. The theatre was packed and Tahir the MC kicked off the night like a pro. To be honest, I’ve seen a few minutes here and there of SBS’ Pizza and never liked it. Tahir as a stand-up, however, is a different story. He is spontaneously funny.

This was the line-up: Dead Cat Bounce (IRE), Dave Eastgate, Moshe Kasher (US), Craig Hill (SCT), Tom Allen (UK), Rhys Nicholson, Glen Wool (CAN), Tig Notaro (US), Daniel Sloss (SCT), Gina Yashere (UK) and Steve Hughes in that order.

Here are my favourites that I recommend you go see – Dave Eastgate, Tahir and Steve Hughes. I’ve been with Dave for almost 5 years now and I’ve never heard him laugh as hysterically as he did during Hughes’ closing act. Click here to read my interview with the man.

Special mention goes to Rhys Nicholson (pictured), Tig Notaro and Gina Yashere. I was disappointed with Dead Cat Bounce, Moshe Kasher and Daniel Sloss. To be fair Sloss is only 20 years old and I’ve still got hope for Bounce. I hope this helps with your choices for the festival!

Until May 8, Sydney Comedy Festival, Various Locations,


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