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I have a “quirky” habit when I read books. I highlight lines that seem like they are speaking directly and only to me or sentences that are too brilliant not to run over with florescent colours. When I was watching writer/director Paul Gilchrist’s latest play Toy Box at the Tap Gallery last week, my “quirky” habit was verging on OCD as I felt an excessive compulsion to highlight or in this case mentally record every inspired line that was looking me straight in the eye.

These were not literary quotes you find plastered on ridiculously expensive birthday cards, these were simple stringing of words drenched in an exceptional ability to observe human behavior and thought. This is a story about children seeing their parents as fallible human beings, mothers and those who don’t want to be mothers, siblings with the magic power to incite intense hatred and love within the span of a few minutes, men who will always be boys and women who always carry with them an inexplicable sadness. This play could be staged anywhere in the world and it will resonate with the audience. Paul Gilchrist and Daniela Giorgi (producer) of Subtlenuance Theatre, remember me when you become disgustingly famous. I wanted to highlight you way before everyone else did.

ONLY UNTIL APR 17, TAP Gallery, 278 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst. $12-$25. 9361 0440,

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