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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Movies don’t get any better than this.  Get Low is a clever little story about the very idea of storytelling. And hey, it doesn’t hurt when you have brilliant actors like Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek telling that tale. As funeral director Murray whines about going out of business, “What do you do when people just don’t die,” in walks Duvall’s Felix Bush with a wad of cash to buy a funeral, for himself.

The catch? Bush, the recluse, has been living in the woods away from civilization for 40 years. Rumours have it that the man had murdered in cold blood and even possesses special powers. So Bush’s idea of a living funeral where he wants people from all over town come tell a story they’ve heard about him seems not just morbid but ludicrous. But thanks to Murray’s “genius”, seats are sold for the funeral show like lottery tickets to win Bush’s isolated plot of land when he’s actually passed.

Get Low builds like the perfect three-course meal towards a sweet ending where Bush tells the most compelling story – the real story about his life. There is a very simple truth I took away from this film – no one’s life is ever lived without having an effect on others, even if more than half of it was in seclusion. And that’s why in 2011, we are watching a movie which is loosely based on a real-life Felix Bush who lived in Tennessee in the 1930s. Hakuna Matata people – life, death and a whole bunch of beautiful stories in between and beyond. Get Low is highly recommended.

Release Date: 26 May


Don’t mean to brag but remember when I said, right here in this blog, that Kristen Wiig was meant for great things. (Click here for proof) Well this is it! Everyone will truly experience the Wiig humour… and it is bloody wicked. Bridesmaids is not a lame chick flick where women in their 40s pretend to be in their 20s. These are real besties with real wrinkles who talk and joke like actual girlfriends who’ve known each other their whole lives.

I am so happy Saturday Night Life ladies Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig finally made a movie. Bridemaids is a little bit like the female Hangover (and the boys will love this too, I promise). I’ve seen these girls on SNL and they are hilarious and this movie has finally done them justice. They are paving the way for really cool chick flicks with awesome laughs unlike the terrible ones we were inundated with last year (Bride War, 27 Dresses, Confessions of a Shopaholic etc).

There are some surprising cameos by Matt Lucas and Aussie actress Rebel Wilson. TV series The IT Crowd‘s Chris O’Dowd plays Wiig’s love interest and he is charming – not in an icky over-tanned Gerard Butler way, thank god! (The Bounty Hunter). Plus an unexpectedly funny Jon Hamm (Mad Man’s Don Draper) who was also on SNL (video below).

Last but not least – I am SO HAPPY Jennifer Aniston will no longer rule the chick flick genre.


This trailer does not do the film justice.

Release Date: 16 Jun

Whoever said inflatable harem pants are the look for the season? Buy one-off deigns at The Finders Keepers Markets and look like you. This will be an indoor market with stalls by over 60 local designers and artists, plus live music, food and drinks. The perfect weekend cave. Don’t forget to bring lots of cold hard cash as there are no ATMs at CarriageWorks. Click here to check out artist profiles.

Fri May 20, 6-10pm, Sat May 21, 10am-5pm. CarriageWorks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh,


Would you drink your tap water if it catches on fire? This is a real life Erin Brockovich (well, yes that film was based on a true story about the life of a real woman) tale shot by an unassuming theatre director. He gets a little curious after he’s sent a letter by a gas company offering him $10,000 for permission to drill for natural gas on his land. And what follows is a series of unsettling truths told by innocent citizens with a sense of humour only the truly helpless can pull off. Gasland won Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards earlier this year.


You’ll either love this or hate it, and I loved it. For those of you familiar with Sophia Coppola’s earlier film Lost in Translation will probably be better prepared with what to expect. This film is about a hugely successful actor (Stephen Dorff) going through the motions until his 11-year-old daughter (Elle Fanning) comes to stay with him. The first scene in this film is just brilliant and sets the tone for the film oh so perfectly. Somewhere is slow-moving, sometimes claustrophobic and lingering. Coppola’s made emptiness poetic. This is Entourage minus the entourage and you’ll get what I mean when you’ve seen the film.

P.S. Elle Fanning has an ethereal beauty about her that takes this film to another level. That underground pool scene is just perfect.

Silent Disco (SBW GriffinsTheatre), Until Jun 4

Sydney Writers Festival, Until May 22

Vivid Sydney Festival (Light, Music, Ideas), May 27 – Jun 13

Comedy @ my new fav location Happy Endings Comedy Club

Well folks, it’s been a while. A month to be exact. What’s happened to TicketStubbies some of you asked and here’s the low down.

On May 12, 82 jobs were cut from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. On May 16, street magazine 3D World said its final goodbye, last publication out next week. I’ve contributed articles to both publications. And somewhere around that time, my role as Arts Listings Editor/Deputy Arts Editor with Alternative Media Group was made redundant. I was given a diminished role as a Features Editor but to be honest, who are we kidding? It is true and has been so for a while. Print is taking its last breath.

It’s not all doom and gloom as the digital world is providing a great space for news and entertainment. And that’s why TicketStubbies isn’t going anywhere =) (Whoo hoo! Cheering and clapping!) Truth is, TicketStubbies’ readership had not faltered even in the last month where I hadn’t added new blog posts. This is a great sign especially since I love delivering my weekly e-newsletters to you. TicketStubbies will keep going as long as I write. I still write for a number of publications, almost all of which are transitioning to the interweb and I will post all my articles online.

The first minor change will be that, I will be sending you dear readers my newsletters monthly at this stage. This means well researched and better entertainment information for you.

The second minor change? The website is now going to be called TicketStubbies (Sydney Arts, Entertainment… and Beyond) from the original Sydney Arts & Entertainment. Yep, I’ve planned a few cheeky surprises =) So, stay tuned and thanks for your support.

In the spirit of embracing the online space, click here to follow my updates on Twitter. And shoot me an email ( if you’d like cheeky TicketStubbies’ e-newsletter updates.