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Well folks, it’s been a while. A month to be exact. What’s happened to TicketStubbies some of you asked and here’s the low down.

On May 12, 82 jobs were cut from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. On May 16, street magazine 3D World said its final goodbye, last publication out next week. I’ve contributed articles to both publications. And somewhere around that time, my role as Arts Listings Editor/Deputy Arts Editor with Alternative Media Group was made redundant. I was given a diminished role as a Features Editor but to be honest, who are we kidding? It is true and has been so for a while. Print is taking its last breath.

It’s not all doom and gloom as the digital world is providing a great space for news and entertainment. And that’s why TicketStubbies isn’t going anywhere =) (Whoo hoo! Cheering and clapping!) Truth is, TicketStubbies’ readership had not faltered even in the last month where I hadn’t added new blog posts. This is a great sign especially since I love delivering my weekly e-newsletters to you. TicketStubbies will keep going as long as I write. I still write for a number of publications, almost all of which are transitioning to the interweb and I will post all my articles online.

The first minor change will be that, I will be sending you dear readers my newsletters monthly at this stage. This means well researched and better entertainment information for you.

The second minor change? The website is now going to be called TicketStubbies (Sydney Arts, Entertainment… and Beyond) from the original Sydney Arts & Entertainment. Yep, I’ve planned a few cheeky surprises =) So, stay tuned and thanks for your support.

In the spirit of embracing the online space, click here to follow my updates on Twitter. And shoot me an email ( if you’d like cheeky TicketStubbies’ e-newsletter updates.


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