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A Bridgett Jones-esque accountant, Justin Bieber and a teasing plastic bag are just some of the characters you will meet at Bare Boards Braveheart. After a rave review for Toy Box by none other than yours truly, masterminds of subtlenaunce theatre company Paul Gilchrist and Daniela Giorgi are back. This time, they’ve cleared the stage for a slew of talented writers, directors and performers in a festival of solo performances.

The BBBH experience begins with the venue itself. An unassuming Drill Hall set against spectacular views of the Sydney bridge at Rushcutters Bay is a pleasant surprise for those not familiar with the place. Then, there is complimentary hot tea and coffee or wine by donation followed by blankets in baskets if you’d like to rug up during the performance. So far so good. I get the same cosy feeling after a hot towel and a packet of peanuts aboard a Singapore Airlines flight.

View from Rushcutters Bay

All six plays were charming but with short plays/stories/films, there’s always the issue of completion. How best to tell a story or convey an idea within a short period of time and in this case, with just one actor. Some of them missed the mark but as a whole festival, in its entirety, the six plays worked. The Line We Draw (pictured above) written and performed by Skye Loneragan was one that ticked all the boxes. Clever story and a great use of space and minimal props. It’s story time and the children (the audience) are in for a miseducation (Lauryn Hill style) and bitter truths about a little thing called life.

Unsex Me (pictured just above) felt incomplete but I found out later that, it is. The feature version will play later in the year at Riverside’s Theatre’s True West. So, does that mean it’s a teaser? If it was, I’d have preferred less of the haphazard lighting sequence and more of Nick Atkins’ brilliant acting.

Now, to be completely unfair to the rest of the plays… From a Great Height will tickle, Sharks Can Smell Fear will make you feel, It’s Ok to Ask will get you thinking and So It’s That of Quest may require your participation.

For a measly $15, this is a fabulous night of theatre.

 Until June 25, The Drill Hall, 1C New Beach Road, Rushcutters Bay, 7pm, $15,

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