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Hmm… How do I put this? How can I express my feelings in a proper fashion?


Can you tell I’m going to be biased? I can’t help but compare Ian Sinclair’s Rope to the Hitchcock screen version in 1948 (originally a play by Patrick Hamilton written in 1929). The story is simple but malevolent. Two university students kill a fellow student, simply because  they can.  Then they invite guests for a dinner party around the body. Can they get away with murder?

In the first few minutes, Sinclair’s version shocked me and I was intrigued by the new level of darkness he’d injected into the play. Unfortunately, this was not translated throughout.

However, a strange series of events rendered that Wednesday night, June 15 to be exact, into crisis management mode. This actually revealed how dexterous the actors truly were in the face of theatre mishaps. A curtain rail came hurtling down as it was drawn. A boo boo that was quickly covered up by one of the performers. Then, a very visible monster of a cockroach was stamped to death by another performer just before a dialogue about murder. Excuse my French but that was fucking cool!

Final shows on tonight and tomorrow night. Despite my Hitchcock rant, the actors are fantastic and the set design, simply fabulous ma’dear! Go see it!

P.S. Special shout out to the bartender for cooking up that amazing mulled wine!

The Hitchcock Trailer

Until tomorrow Jun 25, Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach, 8pm, $25-$33,

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