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I love ticket stubs. When I was younger, I’d hate it when the usher would tear my ticket stub before we entered the cinema. Tearing the perforated line gave me a special satisfaction that I really didn’t want to share with anyone, let alone the usher, who was indifferent to the pleasures of pulling apart each bridge of paper held together in alternation with a punctured hole.

The sound… that leads to the feeling that for an hour and a half I’d be living somebody else’s life, sometimes two hours of comfort that other people in the world have the same thoughts I do, maybe even three hours of simply being entertained.

In my teens, ticket stubs were a status symbol. I’ve been to this and this concert; I’ve really lived life – what have you to show for yourself?

As I got older, I realised I’d stopped caring about them. I started previewing and reviewing films, theatre productions, art exhibitions, festivals etc and they came into my hands as easily as they left. That was until the day Michael Jackson died. I frantically searched for the ticket stub. It was my first concert – History World Tour. It was 1996 and MJ was in Singapore. My bestie and I stood outside the Raffles Hotel for 6 hours before we caught a glimpse of him (he was wearing a mask and sunnies btw). We went to school the next day and told elaborate stories of how we were absolutely certain he blew us a kiss. (As my bestie would now say, “Oh my god, we were such freaks!”)

I never found the ticket stub but that’s it, isn’t it. The memories those seemingly insignificant pieces of paper hold. What you wore, who you were with, what you did before/after and of course how you felt.

So, they are back. My ticket stubbies are piling on my table. Who knows what stories they will tell me about me in the future.

A little about me, Komi Sellathurai:

I was the the Arts & Entertainment Listings then Deputy Arts Editor for Sydney newspapers City News, City Hub, Bond View and The Independent from Dec 2009 to Apr 2011. Today, I am a professional copywriter.

With a rise of readership numbers here at TicketStubbies, I got offers to preview, review and interview brilliant productions around Sydney exclusively for this blog. I also tried to add nuggets of gossip about what goes on behind-the-scenes at the gigs. I hope it encouraged you to go out, watch and support our local talent.

Although, I’ve already written my last post, I hope you come in and enjoy my labour of love and keep supporting the arts.

To see my copywriting portfolio click here:

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