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First off, congratulations to Lisa and Belinda for winning tickets to Chic Petite Presents. For more ticket offers, subscribe to my monthly e-newsletter. Email with the subject head “Tear my Ticketstubbie”.

Do stitching and bitching go hand in hand? Or is there an art to the madness of fashion? Ticketstubbies’ talks to Sharon Garrard, director of Chic Petite Presents… a festival of all things fashion and art. Move over Alex Perry and squinty eye, trout pout combo, here comes raw, underground fashion.

Who is Chic Petite Events? And how did the name come about? Chic Petite Events is a small event team that prides itself on being personable, approachable and unpretentious.  We have a passion for exposing new talent in the arts.  Petite is French for small.  We are a small company with big ideas and goals. Chic means style and elegance, which leads to what we stand for “Elegant events for real people”.  After organising a quarterly show called Launch My Label in 2010, we wanted to come with up with a new concept – one which allowed fashion designers, artists, photographers and other industry people to get their name out in this competitive industry. And Chic Petite Presents… was born.

Can you tell us a bit about this particular event? It is a four-day fashion and arts exhibition launched with a catwalk event showcasing five emerging designers.  People attending the launch will see the fashion and the art which will then exhibit for the following four days.  There will also be live sessions for two days such as hair and make-up demonstrations, live fashion photoshoot, live body art, modeling and styling advice with the Sydney Fashion Hour. These are free sessions and open to the public.

There seem to be an array of activities in the four-day event. What are you personally looking forward to? I am looking forward to the catwalk launch party due to the beautiful summer collections that will be presented in a new industrial space.  Also, the Sydney Fashion Hour with three stylists covering a range of topics will be fun. We are aiming for a friendly session with champagne and cupcakes.

What are some of the difficulties faced by up-and-coming artists and how do your events help? Artists and designers are very creative and talented but unfortunately some of them struggle with the business side – PR, funding and production. Not only do we help them with exposure, we also advise them on various other aspects of the business.

Would people not in the creative industry enjoy this festival? People tend to assume that the fashion and art industry is all glamour. We are trying to show people all the hard work that goes into it. This is also a great opportunity for people who want to see behind-the-scenes action of the fashion/art world.

What can the audience expect? New, exciting, raw talent from Australia and overseas.

Do you foresee this be an annual event? This will be a tri annual event. The next CPP is locked in starting Nov 1st 2011 for 5 days.

What else can we expect from Chic Petite Presents in the near future? We have just organised a launch for a company called Young Republic who have some very exciting collaborative ideas. And. we are on the search for new emerging talent for CPP 2012, watch this space…

Launch My Label catwalk show

26 – 29 July, Queen St Studio, 10-14 Kensington St, Chippendale. Launch party on 26 July, $25, Click here to buy tix


Imagine the madness of a live fashion photoshoot, backstage hair and make-up shenanigans and model casting happening amongst an exhibition of art and photography. Think Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model minus the hours of editing. Chic Petite Events, known for putting together quarterly event Launch My Label to introduce up and coming fashion designers is now going big with a four day fashion and art festival. If you are a fashion designer who has a collection waiting to grace the runway, a make-up artist, hairstylist, model or photographer hoping for your big break, email Chic Petite to be featured at their mega art exhibition slash live fashion event at Queen Street Studios this winter (July 26 – 29). Let the hair pulling begin!



In a room, a monkey is about to drop a piece of paper into a ballot box and the title below the photograph reads, “Invitation to the sincerest form of flattery”. In another, a young girl with an elaborate hairdo burrows her face into the neck of her boyfriend. The sadness in his eyes shows another side to the much anticipated “School-leavers ball”. The five contemporary photographers displayed at Crossroads are so distinctive, you forget you are viewing the same exhibition but like a tapas dinner, the individual dishes add up to a satisfying and delectable meal. Curators Irina Tchmyreva and Evgeny Berezner have cleverly chosen Sergey Bratkov, Aleksandr Gronsky, Gregory Maiofis, Andrey Polushkin and Oleg Videnin to showcase each of their very particular styles to the idea of crossroads. Sometimes, the theme stand out like a crying woman on a lovers’ bridge and at other times, you have to search to understand the irony or look twice to see hidden clues in multilayered collaged old photographs. Beautiful, melancholic, ironic, tongue-in-cheek and eerie, this rare insight into Russia’s contemporary photography.

Until 30 Apr, Gallery 1 & 2,  Australian Centre for Photography, 257 Oxford St, Paddington. 9332 1455,

Have you ever felt like you were standing outside yourself looking at you? I have when I’m hungover, mostly wishing I wasn’t the one on the couch with the insufferable headache. Victorian artist Sean O’Carroll coined the term ‘interspection’ to describe a self-reflective psychological state of looking at oneself from the outside. The subjects of his images are exactly and literally just that. A fully clothed person is examined by their naked reflection. The photographs are flawless but the repetition of the idea gets somewhat mundane as a collection. Since the concept is duplicated in each image, the intensity of ‘interspection’ lies mainly in the acting chops of the subjects, leaving only two strong contenders in the exhibition; rendering the rest poor copies.

Until 17 Apr, Gallery 4,  Australian Centre for Photography, 257 Oxford St, Paddington. 9332 1455,

Let’s play word association. I say ice and you think cream? I say cold and you think beer? I say glass and you think art? Perhaps art is not the first word that pops into your head. Ok, I’ll stop assuming what’s going on in your head and just tell you that Glimpse is a glass exhibition which explores the work of five female artists (Kate Baker, Annette Blair, Alexandra Chambers, Deirdre Feeney, Harriet Schwarzrock) working in the medium of glass today. This is, however, “not a feminist exhibition, nor a women’s exhibition” says curator Susan Benjamin. It is a display of the high quality of work each of these women show in their specialised craft. Each entry a piece of technical art to be marveled at and each entry evokes unexpected, nostalgic emotions in its viewers. Really, the way art should be if you ask me. So if I say Glimpse, you think, this weekend?

Jan 21 – Feb 5. Chalkhorse Gallery, 94 Cooper St, Surry Hills, 92118999,

The annual Peats Ridge Festival at the beautiful Glenworth Valley is known for its colossal musical line-up (2010 performers include Angus and Julia Stone, Washington, The Jezebels, Watussi, Deep Sea Arcade and Cloud Control amongst many others) but this year I want to bring your attention to the sustainable festival’s equally impressive arts and theatre program. A culmination of alternative picks like cult storytelling series Campfire Stories, thought-provoking art installation Tangible Memories and the Power of Possibility and an eclectic range of circus, cabaret and theatre productions, get your alternative arts fix at Peats Ridge this year. Check the website listed below for a range of ticket options.

29 Dec – 1 Jan 2011. Glenworth Valley. 9516 0639,

If you’ve seen Banksy’s documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop, you’d know that street art is as fascinating as it is dangerous. Oh and you’d also have met that bizarre character Mr Brainwash. If the prints on that doco had you salivating, you are in for a Christmas Treat. Urban Uprising art gallery is organising a pop up store at Dendy Newtown for all urban art lovers at affordable prices. Prints from the strange Mr Brainwash, Shepard Fairey, Bast, Tyler Stout, Billy Perkins, Kozyndan, Audrey Kawasaki, Print Mafia, Dolk, Meme Machine and many others will be on sale. Rest assured, it would be a challenge to exit this gift shop.

4 – 19 Dec. Dendy Cinema Newtown, 261-262 King St, Newtown. 9331 6614

If a superhero came with a candy cane, would you trust him? If Spiderman had breasts, would you still comic-book fantasize about him/her? Lister’s pieces make you smile. On first glance, you are easily sucked into his cheeky sense of humour. On careful inspection, you start to pick apart the cultural references. The Brisbane born and New York based artist conjured up this entire exhibition, a mix of paintings and sculptures, to shake himself off an idle stage after he’d broken his leg.  We reckon the wheelchair may just be his inspiration. This is pop culture meets art meets super heroes, even temporarily crippled ones with watercolour imaginations.

25 Nov – 18 Dec. Chalk Horse, 94 Cooper St, Surry Hills, 9211 8999,

No this has nothing to do with Facebook’s doppelganger week where inflated egos uploaded images of celebrity (in most cases barely) look-alikes as their profile pictures. This is an exhibition that pairs up writers and visual artists in a reflective art experiment. Writers write pieces to the theme of Twins/Doppelgangers and the visual artists respond to the writers’ work with a visual piece. The pieces are then swapped again for an entirely different response. For the full effect, see double at this unique exhibition curated by my lovely colleague and Arts Editor at Alternative Media Group Angela Bennetts and friend Alice Fenton of Event Books. Last weekend, so hurry!

Until 28 Nov. Firstdraft Gallery. 116-118 Chalmers St, Surry Hills. 9698 3665,,

Cool bicycle art that has nothing to do with this event.

Love art and the outdoors? Combine the two in a cycling art tour. Bring your own bike or contact the number below to arrange a loan for a bike and peddle around some of our well-known local galleries in Chippendale, Redfern, Waterloo, and Marrickville. The ARTcycle will end with a BBQ and talk by event directors. Galleries visited will include At The Vanishing Point (ATVP), Wilson Street Gallery, Darren Knight Gallery and The Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown (ICAN) amongst others. Don’t forget the helmut, water and sunscreen.

27 Nov. 10.30am-4.30pm. Starting At The Vanishing Point, 565 King St, Newtown. Free. 9519 2340, 043 491 0422,