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It may be the case that we don’t pick up the phone to have a real conversation anymore but boy do we communicate. We’ve made a verb of Facebook, Twitter and text. So much said yet nothing said at all.  If going without some kind of a social media communication tool is a challenge for you, why not shake things up proper and attend a silent dinner party? You get all the best things about a dinner party – a fabulous three-course meal and wine minus the small talk. Well, it’s a little more than that. You do not use words or your voice. There is no reading or writing and stick with it for at least two hours. I foresee a serious case of the giggles. Or more profoundly put by a former guest: “I encourage others to join a silent dinner party simply to exercise the free will to say “I choose” to interact with others even if there are difficulties or misunderstandings”.

16 – 24 Sep. Private Houses around the Inner West. $30. Email, 0413 375 619,


When Google became a verb, we knew something massive had happened. The term “Google it” is used so often that it’s almost hard to believe that the essential six-letter word in our vocabulary had only been conceived in 1998. At the fourth installation of Google’s annual exhibition, 13 artists will Google a phrase selected by the curators at a specific chosen time on the same day at Hardware Gallery. From there, each artist has to choose a single website as their inspiration behind their artwork. Forget the nude chick at the sketch class or that very still banana, Google is the reigning 21st century muse.

Until 25 Sep. Hardware Gallery, 263 Enmore Rd, Enmore. Free. 9550 4595,,

Everyone has great stories. Some people are good at writing about them and others are great at summarising them in 140 characters and an alien few are just really good at simply telling them. They build it up, decorate it with minute details, stretch it to a place worthy of a dramatic climax and power throw in a killer punch line. Now that’s a talent worth seeing on stage. Join Sydney’s cult live storytelling series and hear real people tell real stories at the Fringe this month.

25 Sep. The Other Room. The Factory Theatre. 105 Victoria Rd, Enmore. $16-$2. 9020 6966,,